How to apply your new decal!

If your decal has transfer tape follow these steps:

Make sure you have a flat, clean, and dry surface ready for your decal.

1. Using a credit card or other hard piece of plastic rub the top of your decal to help the transfer tape grip the vinyl

2. Begin in one corner and SLOWLY pull the backing away from the transfer tape.

The transfer tape is designed to lightly grab the vinyl, sometimes it needs a little help. If you use your finger nails to gently lift the vinyl. The more parts your decal has the longer this process will take, but it will be worth taking a few minutes to get each piece stick.

3. Once you have your decal on the transfer tape place it on your desired surface. If there is a curve like a water bottle gently place the center of the decal down first and push out to the edges.

4. Peel off the transfer tape and leave behind your new decal! Gently push out any bubbles with a card or just with your hands

If your decal does not have transfer tape:

You can treat it just like a sticker, just peel and place! Our designs without transfer tape typically only have one-three separate pieces, so just take your time placing them and it will look great!

Video help